Affordable & High Quality Jewelries

Aren’t you just so sick of having to remove your jewelries everytime you take a shower or showering with them on and watching them tarnish before your very eyes? WE ARE! Besides, we couldn’t get behind how much of a pinch it is to purchase a natural diamond jewelry when sometimes all we want is an affordable and durable piece of jewelry to doll up on random occasions or even just for daily wear. 

In search for the best quality jewelries at the best market price, we virtually met with several international jewelry manufacturers in 2018 where we ensured that our priorities and high expectations were understood and met before agreeing on a partnership.

”Why do some other brand(s) that sell the exact same standard of jewelries as ELLA set their price point so much higher?” Our commitment to providing affordable and accessible quality jewelry to everyone remains the number 1 priority even if it means that we take home a smaller cut. ELLA truly believes that we could all use a little gleam and glam to boost our confidence sometimes and this should be easily accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Besides the promised high standard manufacture of our jewelries, we also carry out a few tests to ensure that our jewelries will maintain it’s beauty and have a quality that can withstand the test of time.

Scientifically, all metals will at some point of time ‘darken’ or seem to lose its shine hence, with any purchase from ELLA, you will receive a free microfiber polyester polishing cloth proven to restore the shine of your jewelries. Restore your jewelries intense shine again and again for years on end without having to buy a new one. Wipe it, wash it and have it as good as new all over again, now that’s something we can get behind!


By Soojeong