About Us

“Growing up, I had multiple insecurities revolving around my physical appearance. From the features of my face down to the knuckles of my finger. It was quite the norm for me to pick on my relatively thick fingers and I often found myself green with envy over my friends' long lean fingers until one day I stepped into a local jewelry store and tried on some jewelry for myself. The elegance of the shiny rings and necklaces immediately beautified my physical appearance and I never stopped thinking about it. I had to get some for myself but unfortunately, they lost their shine and beauty after barely two weeks of being worn. I went on to get more shiny jewelries and found myself feeling more confident with each wear. This supplementary beauty enhancement soon grew into a confidence that was within and without. One could only dream - to start up a jewelry business of my own, selling affordable and lasting quality diamond simulant jewelries for everyone to indulge in. Built on the basis of self confidence and empowerment, I embarked on a journey to share the love with those who struggle to find their confidence just like I did. To spread the awareness that inner confidence is something that can be built up from scratch and that it's never too late to find your self-worth and empowerment. Here's hoping that ELLA will leave a positive impact on those who cross our paths. “


With Love,

Soojeong (Founder & CEO) 



Affordability Meets Luxury

As a quality devotee, ELLA promises only the best standard of jewelries for everyone while providing the best price points as we believe that beauty and fashion should not come with a hefty price tag. While we hope that everyone can have a share of these beautiful jewelries at an affordable price, we also believe in helping one find their confidence through the shine of our gems. 

At ELLA, we are dedicated to perfecting our quality in cut and clarity of our diamond simulants and polish of our metals. Our diamond simulant cutters are well equipped in their cutting skills to achieve the perfect Hearts & Arrows cut in some of our round solitaires and clean reflective facets in all other cuts allowing maximum lustre and shine in our stones. All the diamond simulants mounted onto our jewelry pieces are top notch 5A graded stones, one of the highest clarity grade possible for simulants. Our jewelries here at ELLA are made of 925 silver and plated with three layers of 18K gold.


Quality Test

Besides perfecting the jewelries in the process of the production, we also do multiple tests to ensure that the jewelry pieces are good enough before they reach your very hands. Our triple gold plated 925 silver jewelries are put through impact and skin sensitivity test. These tests are carried out in hopes that our jewelries will stand the test of time and for everyone to wear them with comfort and ease.