Hearts & Arrows Cut

Originally introduced by Japanese gemologists and diamond merchants, the Hearts & Arrows cut is garnering a wide appreciation across the globe. Today, more and more diamond cutters are aiming for the Hearts & Arrows precision which requires skilful craftsmanship, more rough material and a lot more time. The Hearts & Arrows cut can be seen in some of our round brilliant diamonds simulants. With these gemstones being cut to proper proportions and crafted with a high degree of facet precision, they exhibit a sharp pattern of 8 arrows in the face-up (crown) view and 8 hearts from the face-down (pavillion) view.

What Makes It Special?

Besides the romantic notion that the gem is full of tiny hearts, the Hearts & Arrows is an ideal cut that maximises light performance by the precise alignment of the facets which form the system of tiny mirrors that refract and reflect light to the eye of the observer. 
With the precise alignment of the facets in three dimensions, optical symmetry is achieved. This high level of optical precision means that all the facets are positioned in the exact places and at the perfect angle for light to bounce internally to other facets or out of the stone and into the eye. This entire structure is optimized for light performance.

By Soojeong