Maintain and care for your ELLA jewelries and diamond simulants just as you would any other precious gem and metals. Here are some tips to follow through to keep your jewelries looking it's best over time. 

◆ Avoid frequent contact with water and any contact with chemicals such as soap, hairspray, acetone etc. 
◆ Remove jewelries when doing vigorous activities to prevent impacted knocks against the prongs which may in turn cause your diamond simulants to fall off.

◆ Store your jewelries in a fabric lined box to prevent scratches (ELLA velvet lined box comes with every purchase) 

◆ Remove tarnish with the polishing cloth provided in your ELLA pouch



Follow the steps below for a simple cleaning routine to remove the dirt collected on the diamond simulants and settings of your jewelry, to restore the gleam and shine.

STEP 1: Grab a tiny brush and fill up a cup with a warm water and hand soap mixture
STEP 2: Dip the brush into the liquid mixture and gently rub the diamond simlants making sure to get into the sides of the setting
STEP 3: Rinse your jewelry with cold water to finish off and dab dry