At ELLA, we understand that everyone has their own uniqueness and this could be represented in the form of a precious jewelry. For the customization process, you will be in full control over the detailing and designing of the jewelry piece as we play our part on our end to find you the perfect fit. 

Each customized product is special and uniquely crafted just for you, starting at SGD$120 per jewelry piece. To kick start the customization process, you may prepare a few sketches, photos or computer aided design (CAD) files to send to us when we get back to you, for us to have a clearer vision of your end goal. 

In the message box below, you may include details such as the type of product (ring/necklace/earring, etc) you want, the deadline that you wish to receive your jewelry by, the diamond simulant cut/shape, the type of ring shank/necklace chain/setting prong etc. We will contact you through email upon receiving your request for the customization.


Happy designing!