Natural vs Simulated Diamonds

Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are formed from carbon deep within the Earth, hundreds of miles beneath our feet. While all forms of mining can have negative consequences, diamond mining has proven especially brutal. The detrimental impacts on the environment includes soil erosion, deforestation and ecosystem destruction, just to name a few. Besides the negative impact on our environment, these naturally mined diamonds are incredibly costly due to it's natural origin. 

Simulated Diamonds

Simulated diamonds are known for it’s durability and close optical likeness to a natural diamond while maintaining an ethical standard in protecting our environment. Besides being environmentally friendly, these affordable and synthetic stones have an unparalleled shine effect and brilliance as great as naturally mined diamonds. These man-made gems are optically similar to natural diamonds and can only be differentiated by a professional through a loupe in loose pieces. When mounted onto a setting it would be nearly impossible to tell the two apart with the naked eyes. 


With the many likeness between the two at such a huge price difference and impact to the environment, what would your pick be? Besides the affordability and similarity to natural diamonds, simulated diamonds are created under precise and controlled laboratory conditions allowing them to look as good as an Internally Flawless diamond (highest on the clarity scale and very very expensive). With the amazing price point and quality, these environmentally friendly diamond simulants can easily be a stand in for natural diamonds. No more worrying about losing expensive jewelries.


By Soojeong