Self Love & Empowerment


If you went on the streets and asked someone whether or not they truly love themselves, what would they say? Probably something along the lines of “Yes, well except for this one thing and this other thing and.. Hmm maybe I am not thaat happy with myself in general..” Self love isn’t all that easy I must admit, but what if it could be as straight forward as setting a new mindset? Or putting in a little more thought and purpose into what we do or say to ourselves? Well, it could be! Here we are honoured to have beloved Christie from @babeswithbrands answer a few questions on self love, self care and confidence alongside some self affirming thoughts and quotes.



What would a self care Sunday look like to you?

I’m a very high energy person in my personal life and my career so I love to relax and reset by keeping it very low key. A self care Sunday would involve sleeping in, drinking coffee, reading a book, going for a walk with my dog, watching my favorite show, and lathering up on my skincare. -Christie 


What are some words of advice you would offer to someone struggling to find their self confidence?

Keep practicing, keep showing up, and keep reminding yourself of your why. This goes for even after you feel confident enough to do the thing. If you’re struggling to start, ask your future self to borrow some confidence. If you do anything enough, you will be confident in yourself. -Christie 


Are there any self affirmations you feel is useful or necessary to help one feel grounded?

Some affirmations I use include: “I’m choosing to give myself grace.” “What is this experience teaching me?” “Am I showing up as my best self?” -Christie


What is self love to you and why is it so important?

Self love is being kind to myself, liking who I am on the inside and out, and being fulfilled in my daily life choices.Self love is so important to me because in order to give my best to others, I need to first give the best to myself. This includes, sleeping 8-9 hours per night, eating healthy food, exercising, making time to relax, speaking kindly to myself, etc. When I’m not giving enough love to myself, I feel out of alignment and irritable. Self love is not a destination or something you achieve. Self love is an active practice. I’m constantly learning new things about myself and what makes me happy. -Christie


What do you think is the most empowering quote you have posted on @babeswithbrands?

“I am so damn proud of the woman I am becoming.” I’ve posted this quote on @babeswithbrands several times! It’s a reminder that we are constantly growing and evolving; we can be proud of ourselves at every step along the way. -Christie



Nothing beats staying grounded with a solid foundation built on self love. Self love isn’t a luxury but rather more of a necessity in today’s society. So start small, perhaps with implementing a few of the practices/mindsets shared above by Christie and always remember to have compassion with yourself when you fall short. Life may be a battle but hey you’re a pretty great warrior yourself! Psst.. Your actions have a ripple effect on others so when you care for yourself, you’re caring for the world too. 


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What is self love to you? 


By Soojeong • Featuring Christie from @babeswithbrands