Styling Diamond Jewelries

Jewelries on a jewelry organiser


Some may say that shiny diamond jewelries should only be worn on special occasions. However at ELLA, we have made it such that the majority of our jewelries can be worn as a daily accessory, design and comfort wise. Our diamond simulants are timeless and glamorous and they could most definitely last you a lifetime if well taken care of.

Essentials For Your Personal Jewelry Collection

Solitaire diamond jewelries are versatile and timeless and almost absolutely necessary as part of your collection. At ELLA, we aim to provide a variety of solitaire jewelries for you to choose from so you can sit back and choose your favourite cut and size of diamond simulants at the most affordable prices.

New to diamond/diamond simulant jewelries? Shop Elsie, our timeless round solitaire earring studs perfect as a first pair.


Match Your Metals

Rule of thumb, match your metals! To ensure that your jewelries go well when worn together, it is best to avoid pairing a rose gold ring with a white gold one. If you’re a lover of yellow gold for example, you could try shopping for yellow gold jewelries when shopping for jewelries and never worry about mis-matching them ever again. Love them all and can’t decide which metal color to pick? WE FEEL YOU… Perhaps then you could go with the metal that best compliments your skin tone. How? First of all, you may determine your skin tone with the tips below.

 You are most likely to have a warm skin tone if

  • You have green veins on your wrist.
  • Your skin tans easily and rarely burns.


And most likely to have a cool skin tone if

  • You have blue veins on your wrist.
  • You struggle to tan and your skin burns easily.


So which color metal would go well with my skin tone? Skins with cool tone will look good with light or white metals such as white gold, platinum and silver. Warm skin tones on the other hand would go perfect with yellow gold, rose gold, brass or copper jewelries. However if you have a neutral skin tone, you will most probably have to pick out a piece of jewelry based on your color preference since all metal colors will suit you equally well.


Statement Diamond Pieces

If you’re opting for a more eye catching and sparkling look for your company dinner next weekend, a statement piece like Rochelle would be your perfect choice. Choosing a jewelry piece with a big main stone or one with multiple stones would give you the extra bling that you need. We would advise you to have at least 1 or 2 statement pieces for big occasions because you never know when they’ll come in handy!


By Soojeong